Lead US out of Jebtivity!

The Promised Land

The political establishment has held Americans captive: captive to Obamacare, captive to thousands of regulations: captive to radical leftist ideas. Is it American to redistribute wealth? Mandate purchase of a private product? Condemn speech because someone with abnormal sensitivities feints offense?

The Republican party has become willing accessories to the far left agenda. Rubio joins the “gang of eight” to promote amnesty arguing that he is reasonable because the Democrats would have done worse. Republicans fall into lockstep raising the debt ceiling instead of lowering spending because otherwise the Givernmint will be shut down. At best, establishment RINOs move slowly to the far left. Never right!

Will Jeb Bush change this direction? Not a chance. He is a slave to the big money donors and will faithfully perform his puppet duties.

The situation reminds me of a story from long, long ago in a land not far away. It was Egypt. The Israelites were held captive by the Egyptians. Translated into a modern screenplay, it reads this way.

Lead US out of Jebtivity

In the beginning, the people were free and America was great. However after centuries, Americans were enslaved by the Government. For generations, the Fair-Os would take the fruit from the labor of working people and redistribute it to their favorites. Of course the Fair-Os ate well from the fruit that they redistributed. At first they were opposed by the Minifair-Os but the favorites began to outnumber the rest of the people. The Government brought many favorites from alien lands to support the Fair-Os. The people were promised hope and change but found out that the change was not what they had hoped for. Their only choices were the Fair-Os or the Minifair-Os. The people craved a leader that would bring them the change they wanted, but the choices they were given kept failing them.

One year, a great leader who defied the Fair-O arose. He claimed that the Fair-O’s favorites were taking so much that all the people would soon live in poverty. He believed that people should be able to keep the fruits of their labors. He angered the Fair-O and their favorites. He used words that were considered profane by the Fair-Os, but the people understood. The people called him the Don. He was very wise and knew that the Fair-Os would never accept him.

Finally, the Don decided to oppose the Fair-Os and fight for the people. He offered to lead the Minifair-Os against the Fair-Os. Sadly, the elite of the Minifair-Os did not really want change. They were comfortable with the Fair-Os redistribution because Fair-O often asked them to help redistribute. The Minifair-Os had created their own class of favorites and were well fed by redistributing to them. They wanted a ruler, Jeb, son of Bush, who would keep the people in Jebtivity. The Minifair-Os set up rules in order to stop the Don. They feared the Don would lead the people out of slavery by letting them keep the fruits of their labors. They forced him to swear allegiance to the Minifair-Os. Then they conspired to have the Jeb rule instead of the Don lead.

Of course, the Fair-Os favorites attacked the Don. How clownish that someone not a member of the ruling class would attempt to lead! Did he not know that the people had to be ruled, not led. The Don was wise and anticipated most of their attacks, but he was surprised by some attacks from the Minifair-Os. Once, the Jeb sent a little girl to interrogate the Don while he was speaking to the favored ones. At other times, the Jeb’s ailing accomplices would attack the Don whenever they could. They called him names and took his words out of context. The sorcerers wrote words of criticism and cast spells at him, predicting his failure. They said that the Don was not a true Minifair-O! They accused him of being a Fair-O in disguise. They said his words meant different vulgar things. But the people could hear the truth. The Minifair-Os joined with the Fair-Os and the sorcerers to attack the Don.

But the Don was able to perform miracles. The words he uttered made sense to the people, but the Fair-Os did not understand them. No one had ever said them before and survived. But each time he said them, he became stronger. He promised to make America great again. The Fair-Os and Minifair-Os knew that was impossible. America was in decline. They knew that they could manage the decline better than the Don and get fat in the process. After all, he was a builder without any experience ruling. However, they made a miscalculation. The Don was a leader, not a ruler!

The people had hope again! They believed that the Don could lead them out of Jebtivity and to the promised America!

(I would translate this screenplay for the Jeb, but I don’t know Spanish.)

Pick your sequel!

Opening across America, starting February 1, 2016:

A: The people led by the Don escape from the Debt Sea which swallows up the Fair-Os.

B: The Bushkins, dismayed by hard work needed to make America great again, contend that the people were better off held captive as slaves under Fair-O.

C: The Jeb, Son of Bush, fearing giants, delays the Promise of America for forty years.

Preview: The Epic Battle of the Magicians!