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Take Advantage of the Features of TrumpBackers.com

The best way to find information is under the "OBLITERATION" tab. Here you will find links to information on TrumpBackers.com as well as other sites. If you just want to browse, just click the "All" filter and scroll through the references.

Use the filters! There are filters for "Nonsense," "Clarity," "People," and "Ideas." For example, by clicking on "Immigration," all references important to immigration are listed. By clicking on "Fiorina," all the references relevant to her are found. The "Ideas" filter identifies simple ways to disembowel political nonsense.

Under the "ARTICLES" tab, you will find a chronological list of all TrumpBackers.com articles. Many will also be found under the "OBLITERATION" tab under the relevant filter section.

Under the "PEOPLE WE LIKE" tab, you will find links to extremely useful sites. Check them out.