Duty to Deny Gambit

Audiences and Farming

Oh no! A candidate is held to believe everything any supporter in their audience says and believes! Hence placing plants in audiences is an effective form of warfare in political attacks. Remember when Tea Party audiences were infiltrated by liberals who behaved badly.

So what is one to do if a member of the audience accuses Obama of being a Muslim and not an American? Such a reaction is the fruit of Hillary’s attacks on Obama from her 2008 campaign. Is it the duty of the speaker to deny that? Why? Is being a Muslim offensive? Is so then there may be a bigger problem: Islamophobia. If not, then so what? Who knows if Obama agrees or not? After all Obama has planted his own seeds to cause the confusion. Obama has written that the Muslim call to worship is the most beautiful sound he has ever heard. I wonder what he thinks about Sunday church bells tolling. Obama scurries to the rescue of a Muslim teen that brings a bomb wannabe clock to high school, but fails to comment as Christians are beheaded, torched, drowned, exploded, raped, and sold into slavery. Obama refused to release his birth certificate for years. Why? Obama still refuses to release his college records? Trump has offered him $5,000,000 for their release, but Obama still refuses to do so. Why?

Of course enabling mice scurry to his defense. McCain would chastise any criticism of Obama made by his audience! So would Lindsey, Christy and Bush. As if Obama needed anyone to defend him. Did that help you win McCain? Bush always sticks up for family and friends, the masses being so ignorant. As a point of law, prosecutor Chris, would you under oath swear that Obama is a Christian? If so, you are a fool, a pretty bad lawyer, and subject to perjury.

That brings us to current news. Who is more likely to favor the Iran nuclear deal, a Christian or a Muslim? Another seed? Finally, is the Pope held to believe what the audience he encounters does? Obama has planted a gay Bishop, a pro-abortion nun, and a transgender woman in it already. Would it be preposterous to suggest that one needs to harvest the fruit of the seeds that they themselves have planted, not others?


Typical media attack by claiming that a candidate is responsible for the views of his supporters. The attacks are without merit because a candidate has no control of his supporter's opinions. Further it is not the candidate's responsibility to change even wrong opinions of his supporters.

Was Obama required to correct his supporters when they wrongly believed that they could keep their health insurance plans and Doctors? Did he?