The Trojan Refugee Invasion

Gutting the Trojan Horse

Donald Trump displayed remarkable military acumen in a speech delivered in New Hampshire on September 30, 2015. While several rock solid analyses were made, the most impressive one dealt with the migration in Europe allegedly from Syria.

While the human trauma involved in the migration of hundreds of thousands of refugees is appalling and heart wrenching, one should learn from mythical history.

History and myths surrounding it teach of the subterfuge that allowed Greek soldiers to conquer the city of Troy. Known as the Trojan Horse, the Greeks built a large horse and hid several soldiers inside and left it as a gift to the besieged Troy. The Greek armies left and the Trojans took the gift horse inside the city walls. During the night, the hidden soldiers left the horse and opened the gates to the city. The Greek armies returned that night, entered the open gates and defeated the Trojans.

As early as 2014 suspicions of infiltration of ISIS terrorists along with innocent refugees were confirmed by intelligence: see Here and Here. One does not have to suspect or speculate that many of the immigrants will be ISIS terrorists. We have known for at least a year! Europe is finally coming to its senses and attempting to stop the invading hordes. But they cannot. There is no feasible way to properly vet the refugees. There are no records to inspect! There are counterfeit documents and passports. What started as a humanitarian crisis cannot be allowed to let thousands of terrorists enter America.

Fortunately they cannot walk to America.

Unfortunately, the Democrats could use them as voters and the establishment and/or bought Republicans could use them as cheap labor to further depress wages of American workers.

More unfortunately, Donald Trump is not President today. Obama and the Democrats are planning to allow 200,000 refugees into America. As usual, the establishment Republicans sit on their hands to prop up their jellied spines.

But Donald Trump did make a promise last night. It was met by one of the loudest cheers of the night. Trump told all the Syrians that if he became president that they would all be going back!

All be going back! Trump guts the Trojan Horse!


If one does not learn from history, they are doomed to repeat it: Here