Power Outage Causes Power Outrage!

Power In House or Power Outhouse?

One reason that our Government is heading in the wrong direction is that it is not following the formula for greatness that was built into our country. Each branch of Government is vying for more power and control except the one that was given the most power. The failure of that branch to accept that power and exert it is one of the main causes of the decline of America.

“We the people” are supposed to be in control of the Government, not the opposite. Today, the Government is in control of the people and extending its choking hold every day. The Federal leviathan is crushing the States and with them, “we the people.” Why?

One needs only to look in the House.

The founders placed maximum authority and power in the House of Representatives. That branch of Government was the closest to the people and could be most readily changed by the people. All of its members could be voted out of office every two years. It had the responsibility to create laws along with the Senate. More importantly, it had sole power to spend money. Without funding, the other branches of government are helpless. That power has been called the “power of the purse.”

Instead of living up to its obligations, the House has folded. It delegates its power to the Executive branch, the Judicial Branch, and worse yet, to the Bureaucracy. By that very delegation, it creates and nourishes the diseases that are destroying America.

Politicians opinion of Voters
Executive Disease

The Executive disease allows the Executive Branch to issue executive orders, to allow executive discretion in enforcing laws, and even totally ignore laws at the whim of the President. How were these diseases created? They were created because the Congress was too lazy to do their job. Instead of describing exactly what the Congress wanted to happen when passing a law, they described general principles and left the rest up to the Executive Branch. They allowed huge Executive bureaucracies to write regulations that had the impact of law. That disregard of duty has created a bureaucratic leviathan that is consuming “we the people.”

No one on Earth can tell a person starting a business how to do it legally. With hundreds of pages of laws and regulations being added daily, no one can keep up with the law. Worse yet is the politicization of the law. Laws are now being enforced or not being enforced depending on who you are: democrat or republican, liberal or conservative, politician or non-politician. That is no law at all; it is a lawless society; it is a banana republic. It is certainly not government by the people, for the people.

Critics might argue that it would be impossible for Congress to write all those laws themselves. But that is exactly the point! They were never intended to write so many laws. Tens of thousands of pages of laws and regulations are strangling our country. Ninety per cent of them could be eliminated without negative impact. Instead, strangled American exceptionalism would be given new life! Businesses would thrive; paperwork and compliance costs would be reduced enormously; jobs would be created and wages increase.

Judicial Disease

The Judicial disease is caused by failing to properly draft laws that leave little room for interpretation. Again, this results from the failure of Congress to do its job. Incredibly, Congress has delegated law writing authority to the Courts, the weakest branch. Congress even passes laws including provisions allowing the Court to rewrite laws to comply with the Constitution. How absurd is it that! Congress does not even attempt to make sure that a law is Constitutional!

Worse, the Courts keep usurping power from Congress. Activist judges modify and rewrite laws at their whim, usually driven by political ideology. The Defense of Marriage Act was not enforced by an ideologically driven Executive Branch allowing the Courts to ignore it. “We the people” overwhelmingly voted for and supported the definition of marriage that had been in place for thousands of years.

Poorly drafted laws allow Courts to interpret them at their whim, not as intended. Why? Because the law was so poorly drafted that even Congress did not know what it meant. Congress plays a game: if the intent sounds good, draft it, even though it will not accomplish what was intended. Let the Executive and Judicial branches figure it out. This attitude coupled with the law of unintended consequences assures that no one knows what a law means without costly legal analysis. That further increases the burden of laws and regulations on the economy.

The Disease Metastasizes

As Congress and especially the House of Representatives repeatedly fail to do the job they were created to do, the other branches get farther and farther afield from what they were created to do. The Executive and Judicial branches essentially have become law making bodies. With that power, they write their way to do anything that pleases them. Power leaves the intended Congress and flows to those branches, especially the bureaucracy.

The further power moves from the House, the less influence “we the people” have. Today, power has strayed so far from the House that the Government is operating against the people. Today, power is executed by the Executive, the Judicial, and the Bureaucracy. Every day people must adjust their lives in order to avoid running afoul of those mandates. The House’s influence on our daily lives is twisted by the other branches! No wonder Government fails! Is it any wonder that “we the people” are outraged at the Government? The House’s power outage is the main reason for the outrage.

RINO Disease

Just a few years ago the Republicans controlled the House, but not the Senate or Presidency. Remember the white flag excuses of the RINO Republican establishment lamenting that they only controlled one-half of one-third of the Government. If they had any brains, or took the time to read the Constitution they swore to defend, they would have realized that House control was all they needed. One can be sure that the Democrats will use it the next time that they control the House.

The answer is so simple that one only need read a four page document, the shortest Constitution of any country. In it, one finds that the power is in the House. Turn the power back on!


The House Cure

Do your job! Quit delegating your authority. Write decent simple to understand and unambiguous laws. Take the power back; return it to “we the people,” the people you work for. Exercise the power of the purse if need be to carry out your job. More on that later.

Quit acting like an outhouse.